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Womoba is a subsidiary of the SA Canegrowers Association NPC. The company was established to further the for-profit initiatives of the organisation with the aim of ensuring a sustainable cane growing sector. The company has completed a number of successful projects during its short existence. 



built in 2015, the biogas pilot plant was developed to enable a process by which the growers can derive electricity from the digestion of tops and trash on their farms. the design and iP are of such a nature that it is affordable and easy to run. our project has been completed, contact us for more information.

delicious cane juice


womoba is in the final stages of developing its own brand of cane juice. meticulously made from hand selected cane, this juice is free of any preservatives, addivitives and is 100% natural. the project will soon enter into its commerical phase. 



sugarcane growers have been concerned about the health of the consumers due to the move to artificial sweeteners. womoba has been instrumental in the development of the wostevia company. the company is in the process of producing the first south african grown stevia product.  

 WOMOBA - Innovative Sustainability 



Innovative Sustainability


building a better future for sugarcane growers.